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I,m Diego Mp3

Welcome to my page! I am a professional Beatboxer, dancer, comedian, musician and a performing artist. I offer humorous show entertainment for any events. I am available for corporate- & private events as well as production shows and advertising campaigns.

For details and business inquiries Get in touch here!


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                                      ACTS/ SERVICES.


6-8MIN Number that consists of funny sounds and a small story. Mostly or completely unspoken act, where the sounds and the acting takes the lead. This act can be performed on or off stage, or walking around in the audience to for ex. draw away the attention from something that is happening on stage  (rigging etc.) This act suits well in cabaret and variety shows as well as any type events. The theme and the sounds can be adjusted to suit the theme of the event. The act can be performed with a wireless microfone and depending of the space will need to connect to the venues PA system. Soundcheck is mandatory.


Several 2-3MIN Interventions which can happen on or off stage. Small performances with different themes, that can happen throughout the event or show. Perfect for circuses or cabaret shows to break the tension between the acrobatic acts and to give an opportunity for other acts to prepare their equipment. This is also perfect for seminars or events with a lot of speeches to break the ice and give a small relaxation moment for the participants. Can be done in an interactive way with the audience.


A dynamic and impressive act where the music is created live in front of the audience on the exact moment and afterwards an acrobatic dance routine is performed. This unique act always gets high reactions and gives wow moments because of the acrobatic moves as well as the originality of the combination of these two talents. I was the first Brazilian to perform this type of act in Brazil and I am yet to be seen another act like mine worldwide.

20-50 MIN SHOW:

Show production to be performed in collaboration with other artists. Can be performed starting from 2 artists up. Show combines humour and guaranteed wow moments with impressive acrobatic acts. Rigging and technical details need to be discussed. Can be performed outdoors with weather reservation.


I create and alternate music for performing artists for acts, videos and productions.

If you are a performing artist looking for an original music suitable for your art, or you already have a music that needs to be edited to fit your act, get in touch and we can discuss what I can do for you.


My Story

Hi, my name is Diego Machado but better known as Diego Mp3.

My talent is sound, and I have been taking sounds for as long as I can remember.

Everything started when I was a little boy and followed my dad into the forest to study birds. My dad was a talented whistler and he taught me how to do birdsounds to attract the birds. 

Eventually I learned all the birdsounds I could hear in the forests and as well grew an interest in nature and the birds habitat as well. After a while imitating birds wasn't enough and I started imitating all the sounds around me, cars, machines, peoples voices, nature sounds and of course musical instruments. Only much later I realized that my passion had a name, beatboxing. 

I was lucky enough to live in such a culture rich environment where art was a very vivid part of everyday life; culture, music and dance was everywhere.

Growing up in the favelas of Sao Paulo the Hip Hop culture had a big influence on my artistic career as well as my identity. The Hip Hop scene taught me how to dance, move, socialize, do graffiti and visual arts, MCing and so on. Hip Hop was literally a streetart and the activities happened on the street in a very easily approachable form, every new move was a result of a strong community and hard work. The community was very welcoming and supportive, everybody was cheering and each other and evolving together, this gave me a strong base for both arts and life.


In 2013 I entered one of the most famous LIVE TV shows on national TV , broadcasting the most exceptional artists and discovering new talents. This was a talent show and I received the first place on my round. After participating in this show I received very quickly a huge amount of visibility and was soon invited to several other LIVE TV talent shows, winning them all.

My success on National TV brought me many new opportunities of which the most mentionable one was playing the lead character on Voca Peoples show "Life is Music, Music is Life". I toured internationally with Voca People between 2016- 2018 as well as parallelly continuing to evolve with my musical career. In 2017 just before moving out of Brazil I participated in Petrobras commercial. Even though I had reached a milestone gaining many opportunities and fame in Brazil in 2017 after touring in Mexico my path led me to move to Finland and explore new opportunities in Europe. 

Since moving to Finland I have been working in mostly internationally part of bigger production shows and as a circus technician for swinging trapeze in Turkey, Russia, Italy, Monaco, Mexico and of course Finland. I have been focused on creating my solo numbers as well as collaborating with a number of artists such as the swinging trapeze artist Milena Oksanen. After collaborating on number of shows we created a duo ‘ Cirque Plastia’ , which mixes circus and vocal arts. Before the Pandemic we were touring mostly internationally but the pandemic forced us to get creative and find new ways to explore our arts locally. We created several projects between 2020 -2022 going from entertaining corporate events to contemporary circus online projects. In 2021 we created a streetshow funded by TAIKE and in 2022 we created our first full length show combinging vocal- and circus arts in a creative and fun way. One of our projects was selected for Together Alone 2.0 and is still ongoing, you can read about it here.

On the corporate side we also created Variety Acts Finland  ,together with Veera Kaijanen, which is focused on selling and producing high class circus entertainment for corporate and private events. At the moment I’m based in Finland and available for short and long productions as well as special events and commercials.

Fun fact: In 2021 I was selected as the MR. Sound of Nature (Mr. Luontoääni) in a competition by YLE the National Radio of Finland. You can see the article by YLE here.

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